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​​If you aren’t sure where to begin or have a list of specific questions, then a consultation may be the place to start.


I’ll come for a walk-and-talk with you in your garden, ranging from 1-2 hours, and offer you preliminary design approach ideas.

This may lead to a specific design program, or follow up with specific plant recommendations and other resources.

Not sure if you need a landscape design or just an hourly consult? Contact me to determine what may be the best fit.


  • Site analysis

  • Conceptual design development

  • Planting design
  • Irrigation/Hydrozone design

  • Lighting design

  • Conceptual Master Plan

  • 3D modeling

  • Finding a contractor

I’ll help connect you with experienced local contractors so you can choose who may be the best fit for your project.   


  • Construction observation

I’ll make regular site visits during installation to help ensure the design intent is accurately brought to life.


  • Plant placement               

I’ll help review accuracy and health of plants on-site, and guide placement before they go in the ground.


  • Post-installation

I can also assist you in finding a skilled maintenance gardener and help you understand how your garden will perform over time. 


"So, how does the design process work?"

Getting to Know You

After an initial phone conversation, I’ll meet you in your space and begin listening to your hopes and dreams for your garden. Together we'll determine the scope of work for the project based on your site, goals and budget. I’ll follow up with a written proposal summarizing the scope and outlining fees and deliverables. The initial consultation typically takes 1-2 hours and costs $200. 


Site Analysis

This includes a full site analysis to understand the current ecological conditions, documenting challenges and opportunities that support the site-specific design process. If you have an existing survey or architectural drawings, I can use these to create a site map for the design. 


Conceptual Design

I’ll present drawings and seek your feedback on programmatic elements, with a living landscape in mind. This includes working with nature to create play areas, cooking and entertaining areas, places for shade and for retreat, hillside access, planting areas, climate-smart irrigation systems, and dark-sky-friendly lighting.

jGrow verbena de la mina native

Preliminary Master Landscape Plan

With revisions based on your feedback to the Conceptual Design, you’ll then receive a Preliminary Master Landscape Plan rooted in the language of your specific site. You'll be all set to solicit competitive bids from landscape contractors who have the expertise to establish and execute construction details. 

jGrow landscape design planting
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