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Mid-Century Modern Delight

A wonderful young family makes their 1950s ranch-style Lafayette home and garden their own: warm, open, inviting, and abundant. This place easily and joyfully reflects the people who live within it.

A passion for homegrown food, a desire to reduce and/or eliminate unnecessary landscape watering, and spaces for their children and family and friends to play are the inspirations of this special place.

Clean, modern lines and forms are repeated throughout, both inside and outside their home. In place of asphalt, new large-format Bluestone treads welcome you to their remodeled front entry, integrated with their existing clay bricks and new planting beds.

Front-yard lawn was down-sized to a modest-sized circle for barefoot pleasure. New curved concrete and Corten steel planters now anchor the space. Fruit-producing trees and native and climate-wise plants bring both vibrant and restful color throughout.

Contemporary front entry
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