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live. play. grow.

​​embrace the living world


It is possible. Together we can create living, regenerative landscapes for people, plants, and animals. Every outdoor space we create together can restore, renew and revitalize ourselves and the planet, starting right in our own backyards. 

live, play, grow


Gardens are also often places of meaning and memories.

For moments, pauses, interactions, and celebrations.  


It is my delight to partner with you to create vibrant, meaningful spaces where you can connect with nature and beauty, and also sprout your own garden stories.

co-create with you and nature


I love that each design project I embark on is unique. The challenge and joy for me are discovering the special vibe and hum of the particular people and the space. I try to spend as much time listening to my clients as I do the land. You help write the story of your unique place with me, that’s what we do. This is how a landscape becomes a garden.


          Julie Lienert         

Landscape Architecture, A.A., Merritt College

Landscape Horticulture, C.A. & Permaculture Design, C.P., Merritt College

CLCA member
ReScape Certified
G3 Watershed Wise Certified
QWEL Certified Landscape Professional

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