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Oak & Whimsy

Meet Kay and Geoff, a lovely couple who enjoy living beneath the arms of their magnificent old Oak. Both enjoy places for solitude, as well as space for intimate entertaining.

Bunn, their rabbit who thought she was a dog, was the original inspiration for the garden. New fencing with a bit of whimsy was desired. She has since joined the heavens, and now Teddy is a focal point in their lives and the life of their garden.

Distinct spaces were created for spending time with a second cup of coffee or a glass of wine, a good book, or tossing Cornhole bags with friends.


Sculptured vertical posts help frame and direct views, while creating interest in areas that also benefit from a suggestion of privacy. Reclaimed clay bricks connect seating areas and points of view.

To enhance the health of the magnificent Oak, the soil has been nurtured with custom soil aeration and compost tea elixir treatments. Gravel is a low-impact, permeable hardscape, and low and/or no water planting areas spread across the tree’s root zone. 

And Kay says she now has the garden she wanted, one that draws you out into it year-round. A perfect oasis for a dog, and a bunny, and their people.

Small backyard garden with native oak tree
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