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Pool to Reservoir

​2018 CA Landscape Contractors Assn-East Bay,

Water Conservation Installation, First Place


With kids grown up and moving out of the house, these clients were tired of working on their pool. Instead, they wanted to put their pool to work.


Now, rainwater collected on their rooftop runs directly into their own underground garden reservoir, inside the old pool. Instead of water loss, they now have a water gain -- enough for about 75% of their landscape irrigation needs.

No more pool chemicals, no more cleaning. More time for harvesting fruits and veggies,

and sitting by the fire!


1 inch of rainfall on a 2,000 sq. ft. residential roof yields 1,250 gallons of water that can be reused.

The same roof in a region receiving 26” of annual rainfall generates 32,500 gallons of reusable water

a year.

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